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Kendall County Jail site of new COVID outbreak, now 25 cases

YORKVILLE – In less than a week, Kendall County Sheriff’s Office has reported a total of 21 inmates and four staff members testing positive for COVID-19 at the Kendall County Jail. 

Reports first surfaced on November 25th of 8 inmates experiencing flu like symptoms. It was reported at that time all eight had been housed in the same unit of the jail. Officials at the time said the outbreak ‘appeared to be contained.’

Monday afternoon, that total was updated as officials reported an additional 13 inmates and four staff members positive at the Jail with at least one inmate has been taken to an area hospital for precautionary measures.

“The Sheriff’s Office staff and all others entering the jail have been mandated to use personal protective equipment while in the jail since April 1st and all work stations are cleaned and sanitized three times a day. We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines and ensure the Kendall County Health Department guidelines are followed to maintain a safe and healthy jail environment”, Sheriff Dwight Baird stated last week after eight inmates tested positive for the virus.

Saturday a professional sanitation company gave the jail a deep cleaning.

In August, a sheriff’s office employee tested positive for the virus, which was considered low risk. All new inmates will undergo a fourteen day quarantine period before being allowed into the general population.

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