Lake County, Indiana Health Officials Offer Guidance on Proper Eclipse Viewing Techniques as April 8 Nears


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Crown Point, IN – With anticipation building for the April 8 solar eclipse, Lake County health officials are emphasizing the importance of proper viewing techniques to prevent eye damage. 

According to guidelines released by local authorities, it’s critical that residents use specially designed solar filters or eclipse glasses when watching the event.  These protective eyepieces should be free of scratches or damages to ensure safety. The advisory also specifies that the only moment it’s safe to view the eclipse without protection is during the brief phase of totality when the moon fully obscures the sun. ‘

Echoing the American Academy of Ophthalmology, officials warn that while eye damage from the eclipse may not be immediately painful, symptoms could develop within hours of exposure. They advise seeking expert advice for those planning to use additional optical devices like cameras or telescopes. Stay informed and safe by following the latest recommendations from health officials for a memorable solar eclipse experience.


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