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Limestone Fire stresses what rate increase would mean to residents after confusion

LIMESTONE – The Limestone Township Fire Protection District (LTFPD) notified residents late Friday what the average household would pay should a referendum to keep the area’s lone fire station open on weekends pass.

“We have been aware that some residents interpreted information, contained in the most recent Daily Journal article, to mean their entire tax bill you increase by over 60% if the Fire District’s referendum passes.  We want the public to rest at ease knowing this is not the case.” Limestone Fire stressed in a statement Friday.

Limestone Fire reports the average resident with property valued at $100,000 would pay an increase of $10.91 per month.  Property valued at $172,800 would see an increase of $18.86 per month, with property valued at $400,000 or more seeing an increase of $43.66 per month, should the referendum pass.

Limestone Fire announced late Wednesday night the area’s one station serving the community, located at 4948 W. Route 17, will be closed and unstaffed every weekend beginning November 7th, should the referendum fail.  The Department reported a record turnout for a vote in March, which ultimately failed and lead to cuts across the Department.

The Department went on to say ‘residents will be forced to wait’ until other units from other jurisdictions can respond on weekends, if available.

“We ask that our community pass this information along, especially to residents who do not have social media access, but may have been confused by what they read in the Journal.” Limestone Fire said Friday.

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