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Limestone to close Fire District on weekends should Nov 3rd referendum fail

‘Residents will be forced to wait’ for Fire Rescue on weekends should the referendum fail this November

LIMESTONE – The Limestone Township Fire Protection District announced late Wednesday night the area’s one station serving the community, located at 4948 W. Route 17, will be closed and unstaffed every weekend beginning November 7th.

The announcement is conditioned and pending should a referendum on the November 3rd ballot fail in the area.

“This closing will allow the District to maintain our already decreased level of staffing during the weekdays, however, additional closed days may be required in the future to meet the ever-growing financial burden placed on the District by unfunded State mandates and the State’s unprecedented new minimum wage requirements.” Limestone Fire said in a statement Wednesday evening.

The Fire Department has already made multiple attempts to fund the station and cites a failed attempt last March as reasoning for the early notification to area residents.  The station reports it’s already made several cuts to its budget including multiple liquidations and reduction in minim staffing from three people, to just two.

“We ask that our community be understanding to the fact that this closing will dramatically increase response times for calls occur on the weekend.  The District will do it’s best to respond to these calls in a timely fashion so long as volunteer members are able to respond from home.” Limestone Fire said Wednesday.

The District went on to say ‘residents will be forced to wait’ until other units from other jurisdictions can respond, if available.

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