Northern Lights: Potential GPS and Radio Disruptions Due to Solar Storm Tonight


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Indianapolis, IN – As Indiana prepares for a possible sighting of the Northern Lights tonight, the ongoing solar storm is expected to disrupt more than just the night sky. According to the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, the solar activity might significantly affect GPS systems and radio communications across the state.

This solar storm, which has already displayed the Northern Lights across Europe, causes disturbances in the Earth’s ionosphere, a crucial layer of the atmosphere for GPS and radio signal transmission. GPS reliability may decrease, potentially impacting navigation for aviation, maritime activities, and land-based travel. Additionally, radio communications, essential for aircraft, ships, and emergency services, could face severe degradation.

Residents looking to view the auroras should plan around these disruptions, particularly if relying on GPS for travel to viewing locations. The peak hours for potential aurora visibility and disruptions are projected between midnight and 4 AM, with varying degrees of cloud cover.


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