Peru Homeowners Beware: Illinois Police Warn of Home Repair Scam Surge


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PERU, IL — The City of Peru Police Department has issued a cautionary alert to residents, following an incident involving a possible home repair scam. 

According to reports, several individuals in a maroon pickup truck approached a residence in Peru, claiming to be associated with prior concrete work and offering their services. However, investigations revealed their claims to be false, as the homeowner had engaged a different local company for their construction needs.

The warning, however, is not limited to Peru alone. Law enforcement agencies across Illinois have observed a surge in home repair scams, prompting authorities to educate homeowners about potential red flags. Scammers often employ a variety of techniques to swindle unsuspecting homeowners, including knocking on doors under the guise of being “in the area” for business. They may also falsely assert having leftover materials from previous jobs, attempting to pressure residents into immediate decisions.

As authorities continue to investigate the recent incident in Peru, they emphasize several precautionary measures to ward off potential scams. The best defense, they say, is to avoid opening doors to strangers. If any doubt or sense of threat arises, homeowners are advised to secure their doors and dial 911 immediately. Moreover, scammers frequently request upfront payments or cash-only transactions, which experts warn against complying with. They may also suggest obtaining necessary building permits or borrowing money from specific lenders, often tied to their own network.

With the proliferation of such scams, law enforcement agencies encourage residents to report any suspicious activity promptly. Staying informed and cautious is vital in safeguarding against the deceitful tactics of these scammers, ensuring that homeowners in Peru and throughout Illinois are not caught off guard.


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