Rare Bull Elk Discovery on I-55 Near Joliet Captivates Illinois: IDOT’s Unusual Interstate Challenge


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Joliet, IL – In an extraordinary event that has captured the attention of Illinois residents, a rare 600-pound bull elk was discovered early Wednesday on Interstate 55 near Joliet, sparking both curiosity and concern. This unusual incident occurred near the westbound exit of Interstate 80, where the majestic animal, typically not seen in this region, lay.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources confirmed the elk’s origins from Kendall County, evidenced by GPS tracker tags on its antlers. The scene required an unconventional response as the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) deployed heavy machinery to safely clear the animal from the busy interstate.

Local radio WJOL provided coverage of this unique situation, emphasizing the rarity of such wildlife encounters in the area. Typically, the region is known for deer sightings, but the presence of an elk, especially one from as far as Kendall County, added a layer of intrigue and astonishment among the community.

The incident, while unusual, serves as a reminder of the diverse wildlife in Illinois and the sometimes unexpected intersections between nature and our bustling roadways. 


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