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Rep. Kinzinger: NOTHING normal that Capitol occupied for 1st time since 1812

BOURBONNAIS – Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) says he’ll ‘do what’s right’ when it comes to a pending 2nd Impeachment of President Donald Trump.

During an interview Friday night with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Rep. Kinzinger added his only worry about impeaching the President is that it won’t take Trump out of power.

“It’s defiantly something I’d be open to. I’ll do what’s right, period,” Kinzinger said Friday when asked about voting for Impeachment. “What’s going on right now is (Trump) is down, he’s basically beleaguered. He just had his biggest bully pulpit ripped away in Twitter. And I’m worried if we go forward with this, and I’ll always do what’s right, on this, trust me. But I’m worried what that does is gives him an opportunity to those that were in his base that were starting to like, you know Saturday morning after a big Friday night bender you’re looking around going ‘what did we just do’, I worry that gives them fuel to see him as a victim again because that’s what he’s great at being a victim.”

Trump already began tweeting again Friday night from the @POTUS account before the status updates were stripped from the social media site. 

Kinzinger said it will be a process pulling GOP members out of their ‘Brainwashing’ after groups like QAnon infiltrated the party.

 “What was crazy is we came back from this Insurrection, back into session at 8 o’clock, and I heard people like Matt Gaetz spewing that he already had proof this was ANTIFA.” Kinzinger explained. “I saw people arguing on the floor, cheap old anti-democrat political talking points. Mo Brooks was somehow talking about illegal immigration in all of this. And I was saddened.”

“We have to maintain this moment. There is nothing normal about the fact that the Capitol was occupied for the first time since the War of 1812. It’s not the same as the riots we saw over the summer. Those were bad, but they weren’t occupying one of the branches of Government. This is an honest conversation we have to have with people.” Kinzinger said.

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