“Ring of Fire” Eclipse Solar Event Set to Dazzle Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin: Watch Safely


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CHICAGO, IL — Residents across the contiguous 48 states are gearing up for a celestial spectacle on Saturday, October 14th, 2023: an annular solar eclipse. 

While residents of the Midwest won’t see the full “ring of fire” but can expect a notable partial eclipse, obscuring nearly 50% of the sun in areas of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

The event kicks off at 10:33 AM, reaching its peak at 11:56 AM when 48.5% of the sun is veiled. By 1:24 PM, the display concludes.

Safety is paramount. 

Unlike total eclipses, annular events don’t entirely cloak the sun, making viewing without proper protection risky. Regular sunglasses won’t cut it. Instead, opt for solar glasses/viewers meeting the 12312-2 international standard. Alternatively, wield welding filters, but ensure they’re shade 12 or higher.

For those lacking the recommended eyewear, get crafty! Pinhole projectors or cardboard box setups can provide indirect, safe viewing methods.

For context, annular eclipses occur when the moon’s distance prevents it from fully obscuring the sun, leaving a fiery ring. Total eclipses, on the other hand, present a fully obscured sun when conditions align perfectly.

Keep those solar glasses handy! In April 2024, a total eclipse will streak across the nation. Central Illinoisans will witness over 90% coverage, reminiscent of the 2017 eclipse, while southern parts will bathe in totality.

Eclipse Kickoff: The Sun’s Duel with Georgia and Michigan in College Football’s Spotlight

In an unprecedented fusion of sports and celestial events, next Saturday will witness top-ranked college football teams Georgia and Michigan battle not only their on-field adversaries but also a dramatic solar eclipse.

#1 Georgia, preparing to face Vanderbilt, will play under the fading light of the sun, providing a backdrop that’s bound to make the game even more thrilling. Simultaneously, in Ann Arbor, as #2 Michigan kicks off against Indiana Hoosiers at the Big House, the sun will be obscured by roughly 35%. This awe-inspiring eclipse spectacle will start just moments before their noon game and conclude around 2:20 p.m.

Both teams, known for their fervent fan bases, will now have the unique experience of cheering for their squads under the temporary twilight of a solar eclipse. This combination of elite football action and celestial wonder ensures that next Saturday will be an unforgettable day in college sports history.

Several games are expected to kick off at 11am and will last during the duration of the eclipse event.  Teams facing off during this time frame will include: (times subject to change)

#1 Georgia vs Vanderbilt 

#4 Ohio State at Purdue 

Indiana at #2 Michigan

Iowa at Wisconsin

Illinois at Maryland 

Kansas at Oklahoma State

UCLA at Oregon State

Boise State at Colorado State 

Arkansas at #11 Alabama


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