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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Riverside Atrium extends Mental Care to community

BRADLEY– The Riverside Atrium at 400 S Kennedy Dr is now offering mental health care to the community.

Riverside announced the addition of the Riverside Center for Emotional Well-Being Friday, which will allow Riverside to increase outpatient mental health services.

“The last few years have brought to light the need for additional mental health services within our community,” said Riverside President and CEO Phil Kambic. “By expanding and bringing our outpatient mental health services together under one roof, we hope to make these more accessible to those in our community that need mental health assistance.”

Programs offered vary and allow for group settings and provide a minimum of 9-20 hours treatment per program, per week.  Clinics start at ages 8 and up.

“Having our services located in the same place will help with better coordination of care, ease of access, and patient comfort,” stated Khalid Arshad, MD, with Riverside Psychiatric Specialists. “We also envision expanding our mental health care spectrum by adding services in the future, and the new space will accommodate this growth.”  

One-on-one psychiatric specialists will also be available at the location.

“The need for mental health providers and access to mental health services is increasing not only in our area but across the country,” said Raunak Khisty, MD, MPH, FAPA, with Riverside Psychiatric Specialists. “By consolidating our services to one space, our psychiatrists have direct access to our patients in Pathways programming.”

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health services, you can reach the Central Intake Department at (844) 442-2551.

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