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Sportmix dog, cat food recalled after 28 dogs die

CHICAGO – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled nine options of Sportmix pet food due to potentially fatal levels of aflatoxin.

The FDA reports at least 28 dogs died and eight fell sick after eating the recalled food. Samples collected and tested by the Missouri Department of Agriculture found high levels of aflatoxin in the samples.

The dog food and cat food recalled includes:

Sportmix Energy Plus. 50 lb. bag:
Exp 03/02/22/05/L2
Exp 03/02/22/05/L3
Exp 03/03/22/05/L2

Sportmix Energy Plus, 44 lb. bag
Exp 03/02/22/05/L3

Sportmix Premium High Energy, 50 lb. bag

Exp 03/03/22/05/L3

Sportmix Premium High Energy, 44 lb. bag
Exp 03/03/22/05/L3

Sportmix Original Cat, 31 lb. bag
Exp 03/03/22/05/L3

Sportmix Original Cat, 15 lb. bag
Exp 03/03/22/05/L2
Exp 03/03/22/05/L3

The FDA says the food was distributed in both online and brick and mortar stores across the nation. Pet owners are urged to dispose of the food immediately if it fits one of the options above.

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