Valparaiso, IN – Bald Eagle Dies in Indiana After Consuming Toxic Lead


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Valparaiso, IN – A Bald Eagle found in Potato Creek State Park, Indiana, tragically died due to severe lead toxicity, as reported by Humane Indiana Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Valparaiso. The eagle, initially discovered by local photographer was transferred to the center by a volunteer from Rescue Release Repeat of South Bend. Despite immediate medical intervention, including chelation therapy, the bird’s condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to its death overnight.

This incident underscores the critical issue of lead poisoning in wildlife, a concern prevalent in many Bald Eagles. Lead toxicity in these birds often results from accidental ingestion of lead ammunition fragments or fishing tackle. The rehabilitation center emphasizes the dire consequences of lead exposure, which include neurological damage, organ failure, and often, death.

The case spotlights the need for greater awareness and a shift towards non-lead ammunition and tackle to prevent such unintended yet fatal incidents. The center encourages public donations to support their efforts in treating wildlife affected by lead poisoning, accessible at


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