Biden calls for unity, “We believe we will be the winners” after winning Wisconsin


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CHICAGO – Joe Biden believes he’s won the 2020 Presidential Election.

The announcement came just over 12 hours after President Trump made a similar announcement from the White House shortly after 2 am this morning.

“If we had any doubts, we shouldn’t have any longer, of a Government of, by and for the people is very much alive in America.   Here the people rule.  Power can’t be taken or asserted.  It flows from the people and it’s there will that determines who will be the President of the United States, and there will alone,” the Democratic Candidate said addressing the country this afternoon. “Even in the face of a pandemic, more Americans voted this election than ever before in American history. Over 150 million people cast their votes.  I think that’s just extraordinary.”

Biden says after a day of counting, it’s become clear he will win the election.

“Now, after a long night of counting, it’s clear that we’re winning enough states to reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the Presidency.  I’m not here to declare we’ve won, but I am here to report when the count is finished, we believe we will be the winners.”

Biden leads Wisconsin by 20,000 votes, a similar margin won by President Trump in 2016.  The Trump Administration has since sent lawyers to Wisconsin to challenge the effort.  Biden was declared the winner in Michigan shortly after 4:45 ET and last led by 35,000 votes. The candidate’s team say they feel ‘very good’ about Pennsylvania, where 20% of the vote still needs to be counted and virtually all needing to be counted are mail in ballots.

“We’ve been winning 78% of the votes by mail in Pennsylvania,” Biden said this afternoon as reasoning behind the good vibes within the campaign.

The Democratic Candidate has won the popular vote with over 3 million additional votes cast for the Democrat than President Trump.  “Every indication is, that will grow as well.” Biden said Wednesday afternoon.  By the end of the count, Biden said Wednesday he expects over 70 million votes to be cast for his election, which would be the most for any President in US history.

Biden called for unity among Americans during the announcement.

“We are campaigning as a democrats, but I will govern as an American President.” Biden said Wednesday. “It’s the one office in this nation that represents everyone. It demands a duty and care for all Americans. That is precisely what I will do. Now every vote must be counted. No one will take away our democracy from us. Not now, not ever.”

Final voting has yet to be tallied in many states. The Trump Administration is filing suit to stop ballot counting in Pennsylvania. The Administration already made a similar filing in Nevada which was denied by its supreme court.


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