Wisconsin Ramps Up Preparedness with Tornado Drills During Severe Weather Awareness Week


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Madison, WI – As part of Severe Weather Awareness Week, Wisconsin is stepping up its readiness with a series of statewide tornado drills. 

This initiative follows a year that saw 21 tornado touchdowns, underscoring the necessity for robust preparedness plans. The drills aim to equip residents with life-saving knowledge, specifically targeting drivers with guidance on how to react if caught in a tornado while on the road.

Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation, in collaboration with the National Weather Service, is leading these drills to emphasize that seeking shelter under overpasses is a hazardous misconception. Instead, they provide clear instructions to drive to the nearest sturdy building for shelter or, if debris is flying, to pull over and park, ensuring that individuals remain in their vehicles with seat belts fastened and heads protected below the windows.


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