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23 COVID-19 Cases among Will County Health Dept

“I think the decision to close our doors to both staff and the public was a good decision.” Said Susan Olenek during a City of Joliet press conference earlier this afternoon.

Susan Olenek with the Will County Health Department addressed the media this afternoon to report on both the Health Department’s efforts across the County as well as cases inside of their own department.

Will County Health Department announced on March 20th they would close their doors to the general public, but went beyond that on March 27th taking the restrictions a step further as they closed the building to staff beginning March 30th.

“We had received information about one positive case in the health department, turned out to be our index case, and we kind of feared that it would go throughout the department, which it sort of did.  At this time we have 23 positive staff; fortunately we have 70 negative staff and several inconclusive.  So I think the decision to close our doors to both staff and the public was a good decision,”  Olenek said this afternoon.

Among other issues the Health Department is currently dealing with include an outbreak of COVID-19 at Symphony of Joliet Nursing Home, which has 15 affiliated with the home testing positive for COVID-19.

As of this morning, there were 942 COVID-19 cases in Will County and 35 deaths due to the disease.

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