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74% Full: Southwestern Suburbs Hospitals, including Kankakee, Joliet, brace for peak weekend

ICU beds are available entering a weekend when Illinois is said to be nearing, on or at its peak for the COVID-19 pandemic, depending on which models you pay attention to.

The news comes at a time when local counties continue to see an increase in COVID-19 patients.  Over the past seven days, from April 16th to 23rd, Will County has seen a medium average of 52.4 new cases, and Kankakee County 7.8 new cases per day.

Iroquois County is part of the Champaign Region Network and is averaging less than 1 new case a day.

For us here in Illinois Southwestern Suburbs Regional Hospital network, out of 500 total ICU beds, 129 are available for use entering the weekend as of Friday afternoon according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

That’s a 74% utilization rate for a network which over 800,000 residents call home, stretching from Kankakee to Bolingbrook, including areas like Joliet, Frankfort and Tinley Park.  Within that stretch, over half of the available (185/307) ventilators are ready for use as of writing.

Below is a list of area hospitals and their ICU beds:

Will County ICU Beds

  • Silver Cross Hospital:                  28
  • Presence Saint Joseph’s:              52
  • Palos Community Hospital:        24
  • Adventist Bolingbrook:               12

Kankakee ICU Beds

  • Riverside Healthcare:                     31
  • Presence St. Mary’s:                      25

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