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Amazon Monee worker tests for COVID-19

An Amazon warehouse worker at the facility in Monee, known as MDW7, has tested positive for COVID-19.    The worker was last at the warehouse on March 16th.

Employees learned of the news yesterday by means of a text message that read:  “Today, we learned of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at MDW7.  Your safety is our top priority.  We have taken measures to keep you safe, increasing social distancing to six feet, stagger shifts, extended breaks and even more frequent cleanings.

The positive test at the Amazon Monee MDW7 facility comes one week after an Amazon Joliet employee tested positive for the virus.  That worker was told they would receive up to two weeks pay while cleaning was underway, while administering self-quarantine. 

Neither facility shut down during cleaning operations.  An Amazon Warehouse in Kentucky shut its doors last week after 3 employees tested positive at SDF-9.  Amazon told employees they would close for 48 hours, but later extended that date to April 1st after Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear “requested” that the company delay reopening the warehouse.


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  1. I’ve been trying to keep track but took some time off and when your on leave you dont get notified of cases anymore. We have to be at 35 or more cases by now. I got 6 more notifications in the last 9 days. Some dont say an individual tested positive, it will say several. We do not close to clean. It’s bad enough that HR shut down to help out the covid team for a week.


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