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Bickford Executive VP addresses alleged error in reporting by IDPH officials

Alan Fairbanks, Executive Vice President of Operations for Bickford Senior Living, is addressing reports today from the Illinois Department of Public Health citing inconsistencies with their own internal reports on COVID-19 positive cases inside their Bourbonnais facility.

On Sunday, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported 8 cases of COVID-19 via their long-term care public reporting portal at Bickford of Bourbonnais.  That goes against Bickford’s internal reporting of only two cases.

“We are not sure where the Illinois Department of Public Health  is getting the number of cases in state nursing homes that were reported over the weekend,” said Fairbanks in an email earlier this Afternoon to Country Herald.  “We have contacted the Kankakee County Health Department and we are both in agreement as to what is reflected on our website as the total number of resident cases in this branch.”

We’ve reached out to IDPH officials this afternoon for a comment on the alleged error in reporting by the Department.

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