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Bourbonnais PTA asks parents for “Thank You” letters to Teachers

The Bourbonnais PTA is inviting students to create pictures and videos to say “thank you” to area teachers.  The message went out Friday night through the PTA’s Facebook page

“This can include making signs or banners, coloring or drawing pictures, recording a brief message or some other way to express gratitude. Be creative! Our teachers miss their students, so they will love seeing your faces and your artwork.”  The PTA stated in the message.

Teachers in March had to scramble statewide to make a curriculum available in an online format with less than a week’s notice due to Illinois’ COVID-19 prevention tactics. The PTA is asking parents to have messages in no later than Wednesday, April 22nd

Messages can be submitted directly to the PTA on the email at BourbonnaisPTA@gmail.com.

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