Iroquois County Declares Burning Ban Amidst Severe Drought 


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Iroquois County, Illinois – As extreme drought conditions persist in Iroquois County, authorities are urging citizens to exercise caution and refrain from any form of burning, including the use of consumer grade fireworks, until further notice. 

The dry spell has created a high-risk environment prone to wildfires and uncontrolled events, prompting local Fire Chiefs to impose a ban on all types of burning activities in accordance with Illinois Statute.

The ban, authorized by the Fire Chiefs and supported by the County Board, Sheriff, and other elected officials, will remain in effect until the drought conditions subside sufficiently. Officials emphasize that any anticipated rainfall in the near future is unlikely to alleviate the severity of the drought.

Concerned about the potential hazards posed by wildfires, John Shure, Chairman of the Iroquois County Board, issued a plea to the community, stating, “I urge everyone to cooperate with the Fire Chiefs in this matter.” The chairman further advised residents to direct any questions or inquiries to the Fire Chief of their respective Fire Protection District.

With the risk of wildfires escalating due to the prevailing dry conditions, local authorities are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of both residents and the environment. Citizens are encouraged to remain vigilant and comply with the burning ban until further notice.

As Iroquois County and the rest of the Midwest grapples with this extreme drought, it is imperative that everyone plays their part in preventing potentially devastating fires. Stay tuned for updates as the situation evolves, and remember to prioritize safety above all else during these hazardous conditions.


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