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Parole arrested after police discover gun, 29 catalytic converters in vehicle  

ORLAND PARK – A felon on parole has been arrested after a handgun and 29 catalytic converters were found in his vehicle.

According to Orland Park Police it happened Thursday afternoon when police spotted a vehicle parked near Half Price Books with a paper temporary dealer permit.

“Upon inspection of the vehicle’s identification number through the windshield of the vehicle, a black handgun with an extended magazine was observed on the driver’s side floorboard,” Police said in a press release Friday.

Shortly after the discovery, 30-year-old Donzel Jenkins of Homewood approached the vehicle.  Police attempted to make contact with Jenkins who lead officers on a foot chase before being taken into custody.

A search of Jenkins vehicle recovered a Glock handgun, 29 catalytic converters, two reciprocating saw, drill, along with 7.6 pounds of cannabis and $10,000 of United States Currency. 

Orland Park Police are working with local agencies in an effort to try to identify the origins of the recovered converters.

Jenkins has been charged with four felonies including Armed Violence, Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Stolen Vehicle Parts, and Possession of Cannabis.   

Jenkins was issued no bond for his patrol violation in court early Friday.

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