Could Be Dangerous: Exotic Serval Cat Spotted Roaming Illinois Community 


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DECATUR, Illinois – Residents are on alert as an exotic Serval cat, known for its uniquely long legs, is currently loose in the North East side of Decatur. While the feline is not inherently aggressive towards humans, Macon County officials caution that it “could be dangerous in the right circumstances.”

The serval, a solitary carnivore active both day and night, is known to leap over 6 feet to catch its prey, from rodents to small birds. Its impeccable hunting prowess emphasizes the need for residents to be cautious and avoid direct interaction.

Animal Control, in coordination with an exotic animal rescue team, is working tirelessly to ensure the cat’s safe capture. The public is urged to immediately report any sightings to Animal Control at (217) 425-4508 ext 4.


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