Illinois, Pennsylvania Lead in Outbound Moves, Atlas Van Lines Study Finds


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EVANSVILLE, IND. – Atlas Van Lines’ 30th Annual Migration Patterns Study reveals Illinois and Pennsylvania as the leading states in outbound household moves for the second consecutive year. The study, which analyzes interstate move patterns using internal data, found that 63% of moves in Illinois were outbound, indicating a trend of residents relocating out of state.

The study, reflecting shifts in the economy, housing market, and job market, shows a high rate of outbound moves in affordable states, especially in the Midwest. Factors influencing these relocations include affordability, booming housing markets, and business-friendly environments.

The top states for outbound moves in 2023 were Illinois and Pennsylvania (63%), Louisiana (62%), Minnesota (61%), and Indiana (59%). In contrast, states like Maine, North Carolina, and New Hampshire experienced high inbound rates, aligning with trends in hot housing markets and business opportunities.

This year’s findings also highlighted movement trends in Canadian provinces and international relocations, with notable shifts in both inbound and outbound destinations.

For more detailed insights and a comprehensive view of regional and historical migration trends, the full 2023 Migration Patterns Study is available at Atlas Van Lines’ website.


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