Indiana HAZMAT Crews Successfully Manage Ammonia Tank Rollover Near US 35


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Cass County, IN – Emergency responders, including HAZMAT teams, managed a potentially dangerous situation after an anhydrous ammonia tank overturned in a field off US 35 north of Delaware Road on Monday afternoon. The incident occurred when a farmhand was relocating the nurse tank, which subsequently rolled over, prompting a swift response from local public safety personnel.

According to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, deputies immediately secured the area, blocking roads and notifying residents of the potential hazard. Supported by Cass County Fire District 1, Cass County Emergency Medical Services, and the Cass County Emergency Management Agency, the team used detection equipment to monitor the situation. Initial assessments revealed no ammonia was released.

As technicians and HAZMAT specialists stood by, efforts were coordinated to safely upright the tank. Once stabilized and rechecked, it was confirmed that no hazardous materials had escaped. All units were cleared from the scene without any reported injuries or illnesses related to the incident. This proactive and coordinated response highlights the effectiveness of local emergency preparedness and the importance of quick action in preventing chemical accidents.

This incident starkly contrasts with a tragic event last fall in Illinois, where a similar ammonia incident resulted in five fatalities and several injuries on US Highway 40. The quick response and preventative measures in Cass County undoubtedly averted a potential disaster, underscoring the critical importance of emergency response readiness in handling hazardous materials.


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