St. Louis, MO – Block-Long Warehouse Fire, Structure Partially Collapses into Street


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St. Louis, MO – A massive 4-alarm fire ravaged a block-long warehouse early Saturday morning in St. Louis, requiring a robust response from the city’s fire department. 

According to St. Louis fire officials, the blaze ignited just after 7 AM at the intersection of 1st & O’Fallon. The abandoned five-story building was quickly enveloped by flames, leading to the partial collapse of the structure into the street. Dramatic scenes of the building’s southwest corner crumbling were captured and broadcasted during a live stream on the fire department’s social media channels.

Over 80 firefighters were deployed to tackle the extensive fire in the vacant warehouse, which stretches a block in length. Despite the challenges posed by the size of the building and the intensity of the fire, no injuries have been reported. As of the latest updates, firefighters are still actively working to contain the blaze and prevent any further damage or spread to adjacent structures.

The building, which has been empty for an extended period, now poses additional safety concerns due to the structural integrity being compromised by the fire. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, and the St. Louis fire department is closely monitoring the situation to ensure public safety. 


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