Channahon Mayor weighs Halloween against Election Day in Trick-or-Treat announcement


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CHANNAHON – Mayor Missey Moorman Schumacher is weighing in on Halloween during the pandemic, and the ruling is simple: 

There will be Halloween in Channahon. 

“There is much discussion, and I’m being asked my numerous people whether or not I’m cancelling Halloween in Channahon. I am not.” Mayor Schumacher says the local level decision is not a political one.

“This is not a protest. This is not a stand against “loss of freedoms.” Rather, it is a rational choice. I believe that trick-or-treating can be accomplished safely. Treats are already individually wrapped and sealed. And the outdoors allows for social distancing. Human beings are social animals and traditions and rituals are important for psychological health and the overall well-being of the community.” The Mayor explained.

Channahon’s Mayor went on to weight the importance of the Halloween holiday against the gatherings that come with Election Day. 

“Finally, 4 days later, an election will be held that has the potential for far greater close contact than Halloween, and no one is asking that we cancel that.” Mayor Schumacher says, recommending all trick-or-treaters wear a mask and encouraged social distancing.

The announcement came days after 18 Illinois Haunted House confirm their closure for the 2020 Halloween Season, including neighboring Statesville Haunted Prison in Lockport.

Mayor Schumacher added the Channahon Village Website will provide printable pages to post on doors letting trick-or-treaters know you are not participating in Halloween.

The CDC currently recommends walking in Groups as part of its “SAFE HALLOWEEN” platform.

The last time that platform was put up for review was October 2015.


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