Illegal Spinning Event Causes $60,000 in Damage; 9 arrested


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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – On March 4, 2023, a special operation was conducted by the Indiana State Police (ISP) and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) to target illegal street racing, street takeovers, and spinning events in Indianapolis. The operation resulted in nine arrests, with investigators pursuing leads on others involved.

Spinning is a trend where multiple vehicles perform a doughnut action in a public park, parking lot, street, intersection, or even on an interstate. Bystanders often put themselves in dangerous positions to record or touch the spinning cars. These events are often held without proper permits or permission from property owners, and after leaving the event, the vehicles are known to illegally race on the streets.

The targeted events on March 4 included a private parking lot near 34th and Lafayette Road, where the owner did not grant permission for the event. The parking lot had recently undergone a resurfacing and painting worth $60,000, which was heavily damaged during the illegal spinning event.

ISP Area Five Investigations Commander, Lieutenant Jeff Hearon, said, “The disregard for public safety and personal property shown by these groups is egregious, and we are committed to holding them accountable for their reckless behavior.”

During the special operations, the ISP Helicopter and Aviation Section played an important role in bringing a safe conclusion to those who fled from officers.

The individuals arrested on March 4 and their charges were:

  • Eusebio Felipe Moreno Jr. (21) for resisting law enforcement with a vehicle
  • Luis F. Campillo (18) for criminal recklessness
  • Anthony Henderson (25) for criminal recklessness
  • John L. Baker (20) for resisting law enforcement with a vehicle and criminal recklessness
  • Craig Murry (23) for resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, driving while suspended, and reckless driving
  • Shelby Waugh (21) for resisting law enforcement (misdemeanor)
  • Marquis Gibbs (24) for possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Patrick Gerlach (20) for criminal recklessness
  • Kadryn Williams (21) for criminal recklessness

Detectives expect more arrests to follow as the investigations are ongoing. The actual charges will be determined by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office upon review of the cases. All crimes mentioned in this release are alleged, and all suspects are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court.

This illegal and dangerous trend of spinning and street takeovers is a national issue that has caught the attention of law enforcement agencies across the country. The ISP and IMPD’s efforts to combat these illegal activities are commendable, and it is crucial for the public to report any suspicious activities to authorities.


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