Kinzinger calls on GOP leaders to Condemn Trump’s actions


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WASHINGTON – Representative Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) is calling for GOP leaders across the nation to condemn the President’s actions Wednesday that brought about Chaos at the Capitol building.

Kinzinger’s full statement transcribed below:

“What we all saw today at the US Capitol is not the America that stands as a beacon of freedom and hope for the world. The storming of the Capitol was a Coup attempt with the purpose of overturning the election of a duly elected President. The current President incited this Coup, encouraged it, and did little to protect the Capitol and Constitution.”

“I stand to reject this Chaos and condemn the President for allowing it to happen.”

“In the past two months, the President has encouraged conspiracy theories, threatened elected officials, and bullied the entire Republican Party to overthrow the will of the people. This Authoritarian bullying is what the founders feared, and it’s NOT what the GOP stands for. He is no longer the leader of our party, and our party must reject these treasonous acts if we are to ever win back the trust of the majority of this Country.”

“I call on leader McCarthy, leader McConnell, Governors, Senators, and all other Republican leaders to forcefully denounce his actions and their consequences.”

“We need to return to the principles of the Republican Party and fight like hell to defend and protect the Constitution and our American freedoms. I swore to defend and protect the Constitution as a member of the Military, and I will continue to fight for it today. Please join me in restoring the GOP to a party that protects and defends the Constitution, law and order.”


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