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Internet Purchase Exchange Location Available in Kankakee for Sales and Online Purchases

Kankakee, IL – The Kankakee Police Department offers a safe location for those who are planning to meet after making sales or purchases online. Residents can safely exchange at the Public Safety Building located at 385 East Oak Street in Kankakee. The internet purchase exchange location is under video surveillance.

In an effort to reduce potential risks, residents are welcome to use the video recorded location to meet buyers and sellers at any time of day so that if a situation arises, the incident is recorded. Staff will not play a role in the transactions; however, staff will respond as they would during any situation that would require police intervention.

“Always remember to never give out your personal information or address and arrange to meet in a public place such as the police department. This is why we offer this location. It also helps to bring someone with you if you are planning to meet and ask to see pictures or get details about the item prior to the meeting,” said Police Chief Frank Kosman.

“As the holiday season approaches and more residents make online purchases, I want to remind our residents to utilize this service to avoid being victim to crime. Giving our residents an option to complete transactions is another way we are striving to keep our community safe,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.

The internet purchase exchange location is available 24 hours a day.

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