Massive $1.4 Billion Infrastructure Overhaul Announced for Peotone, New Lenox, Kankakee


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PEOTONE, IL – Exciting news awaits residents as a new interstate exchange is on the horizon.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) recently announced plans for a major infrastructure project that will enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother travel in the area. Construction on the new I-57 interchange, estimated to cost $150 million, is scheduled to begin in 2025 as part of the state’s comprehensive Rebuild Illinois initiative.

The eagerly anticipated interchange aims to address the growing demands of the region and improve transportation efficiency. Peotone, a vibrant city located in the 40th District, will experience firsthand the benefits of this transformative project. State Senator Patrick Joyce, a strong advocate for infrastructure improvements, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming development.

“To meet the demands of the present and the future, it is important we maintain our roads and bridges,” said Senator Joyce (D-Essex). “The 40th District will see much-needed roadway improvements in the coming years that will be a win-win for everyone.”

Under IDOT’s Multi-Year Plan, the 40th District will witness an extensive overhaul of its transportation infrastructure. With an investment of over $1.4 billion, the district will undergo 90 infrastructure projects over the next six years. These initiatives will encompass various improvements to enhance safety, convenience, and accessibility for commuters.

Among the crucial projects slated for the area, residents can look forward to over $50.5 million in miscellaneous improvements along IL 53. Additionally, there are plans for the preservation of pavements in Chicago Heights at US 30 and 14th Street.

Plans are also underway in New Lenox for a significant infrastructure upgrade along I-80, specifically from Rowell Avenue to Gougar Road. This comprehensive project, estimated at a cost of $101,877,000, will include a range of improvements such as bridge replacements, the construction of new culverts, the addition of retaining walls, bridge widening, and the replacement of the bridge superstructure. Set to commence in 2024, these enhancements will not only improve the safety and efficiency of the I-80 corridor but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the New Lenox area.

IDOT’s multi-year plan is a testament to the state’s commitment to comprehensive infrastructure development. A staggering $40 billion investment in infrastructure projects across the state is planned for the next six fiscal years. The plan encompasses improvements across all modes of transportation, from roads and bridges to aviation, transit, rail, and waterways.

Senator Joyce emphasized the significance of the infrastructure improvements for the 40th District. “I want to ensure our district stays connected, and there’s no better way for that to happen than significant improvements in infrastructure,” he stated. With safer roads, increased connectivity, and a boost to economic growth, Peotone and the surrounding areas have a promising future ahead.

Other projects of note announced Monday include a $32 million interchange reconstruction at Route 45/52 in Kankakee, planned to last four years beginning in 2025, and nearly $100 million in rehabilitation paving projects on US 30 (Lincoln Highway) spanning 32 miles over the course of four years, also beginning in 2025.

For a comprehensive list of projects planned for the 40th Senate District, visit the IDOT website.


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