Michigan Enforces Vehicle Checkpoints to Contain Avian Influenza Outbreak


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Lansing, MI – Michigan has declared an “extraordinary animal health emergency” in response to the rapid spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1, implementing rigorous biosecurity measures including mandatory vehicle checkpoints at all dairy and poultry operations. Beginning last week, the measures apply to various poultry, such as guinea fowl, turkeys, and doves, as well as commercial dairy facilities across the state.

The centerpiece of the emergency order is the establishment of controlled perimeters around livestock facilities, coupled with strict vehicle and personnel monitoring protocols. At these checkpoints, there will be thorough cleaning and disinfection processes for all vehicles that enter or exit, ensuring that potential contaminants are managed before they can spread the virus further.

Additionally, the order mandates the designation of a biosecurity manager at each site to oversee these critical activities. Records of all traffic, including the entry and exit of personnel, must be meticulously maintained to track potential transmission vectors.

To curb the virus’s spread among animals, the state has also suspended the exhibition of all lactating dairy cattle and poultry until there are no new cases of HPAI reported in the respective groups for a set period—60 days for dairy cattle and 30 days for poultry.

These stringent measures, including the vehicle checkpoints, are essential for managing the disease’s spread and protecting Michigan’s substantial agricultural sector from significant losses. The focus on vehicle sanitation highlights the state’s proactive approach to halting the avian influenza’s transmission in one of its most critical control points.


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