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Northfield Square Mall in Bradley opens Saturday, no ‘mall walkers’ allowed

Mask will be required by Shoppers headed indoors at the Bradley Mall

When Northfield Square Mall opens this weekend, things may look a bit different inside.

The Mall won’t open until Saturday May 30th, but when it does in addition to enforcing social distancing, mall walkers will not be allowed inside. It’s one of many changes NAMDAR Realty Group released Thursday in a statement. 

 “We ask all patrons, merchants and employees to cooperate,” NAMDAR said in the release Thursday.  “Everyone needs to play their part to ensure our communities health.” Northfield Square will ask employees and security guards to enforce social distancing measures. 

Employees at Northfield Square will be equipped with protective face masks and gloves while on the property.  All employees, vendors and contractors will be screened prior to entering the mall through temperature checks and questioners.

Additionally Northfield Square children’s play areas and strollers will be temporarily closed.  Directional flow traffic signage will be placed along with floor decals throughout the mall.  Food Court and dining areas will also be spaced out in accordance to encourage social distancing.

The plan borrows heavily from one issued by Simon Malls released just a few weeks ago.

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