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Rep. Kinzinger (IL-16) will vote to impeach Donald Trump

'If these actions are not worthy of impeachment, then what is?'

KANKAKEE – Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) announced Tuesday he will vote to impeach President Donald Trump.  Kinzinger said Trump “encouraged an angry mob to storm the United States Capitol.”

Rep. Kinzinger became the third House Republican to announce they will impeach the President. Others include Rep. John Katko and Rep Liz Cheney.

You can read the full statement below:

“Throughout my time in Congress, I’ve sought to do the right thing for the good of the people I represent and for the Countey as a whole.  We are in uncharted waters here, and in a moment in history we have not experienced in Modern times.”

“On January 6th, 2020, the President of the United States encouraged an angry mob to storm the United States Capitol to stop the counting of electoral votes.  This angry mob turned violent and caused destruction to our nations symbol of democracy.  This insurrection led to countless injuries and the death of several people, including two of our U.S. Capitol Police Officers.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the president of the United States broke his oath of office and incited this insurrection. He used his position in the Executive to attack the Legislative. So, in assessing the articles of impeachment brought before the House, I must consider: if these actions — the Article II branch inciting a deadly insurrection against the Article I branch —  are not worthy of impeachment, then what is an impeachable offense?”

“I will vote in favor of impeachment.”

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  1. You better remember this next election. Because the disrespect you have shown President Trump is unacceptable. He no more told people to riot anymore than all the citizens that had there homes and businesses set on fire by antifa and blm.


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