Step Back in Time: Bourbonnais Seeks Interpreters for Historic Log Schoolhouse


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BOURBONNAIS, IL – The Village of Bourbonnais is on a quest to bring history to life as it launches its eagerly awaited Log Schoolhouse Pilot Program. This educational initiative, led by the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society, aims to transport visitors back to the bygone era of 1837.

Nestled at 493 S. Main St., Bourbonnais’s newly recognized historic landmark, the 1837 Bourbonnais Grove Log Schoolhouse, holds the promise of an authentic glimpse into the past. This reconstructed one-room schoolhouse, recently designated as Bourbonnais’s second historic treasure after the George R. Letourneau Home and Museum, operated from 1837 to 1848. It then sheltered several French-Canadian families until 2010.

The Log Schoolhouse Advisory Committee is now calling upon volunteers to play the vital role of interpreters, embodying the spirit of educators from the 19th century. These volunteers will be equipped with a curated curriculum to create an immersive experience for elementary-aged students and history enthusiasts alike.

The program’s primary mission is to educate and captivate young minds while preserving the rich tapestry of Bourbonnais’s history. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of students from yesteryears, gaining insight into their daily lives and the education they received.

The Bourbonnais Museum Campus, a treasure trove of history and culture, is home to the George R. Letourneau Home and Museum, the Adrien M. Richard Preserve, and, of course, the iconic 1837 Log Schoolhouse. This campus serves as the epicenter for this historical journey.

If you’re eager to be part of this immersive experience and contribute to preserving the legacy of Bourbonnais, contact Lindy Casey, Village of Bourbonnais Marketing & Public Engagement Manager, at 815-937-3570 or Your journey into the past awaits!

For more information on the 1837 Log Schoolhouse and the program, visit here. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this captivating historic adventure!


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