Upgrading your listing today:

  • Additional Exposure
  • Featured on the Country Herald Homepage
  • Featured on Classifieds Home Page
  • Increases overall exposure

Why won’t my pictures load?

Currently Country Herald photos have to be loaded one photo and do not allow for multiple selections at once. 

To upload photos, please upload one at a time.

If problems persist, check your file type.  Country Herald currently only supports .JPEG files for our images.  If you try to load a screenshot of an item, this will save as a PNG and therefore will not load on our website.  This has been done purposely to ensure images are the users.

Can I upload multiple ads?

Yes.  Once approved your item will populate on the website.  Please allow up to 30 minutes for your ad to post.  Once it’s approved, you will receive a notification that your item has posted via the email you registered with.

How will I be contacted?

There is a contact button on the side of your listing once it is published.  You can not be logged in to Country Herald to see it, in order to see the contact window log out or open a private browser to view your listing as others on the site do. 

When contacted, questions about your listing will be sent directly to your registered email account.