Motorcycle Escorts Requested in Illinois for World War II PTSD Memorial Delivery


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CHAMPAIGN, IL – The Ray Olley Project is seeking motorcycle riders to lend their support in a heartfelt mission. The organization has requested the assistance of motorcycle escorts for a special convoy from Champaign to Kankakee, Illinois. The purpose of this convoy is to transport the monumental statues that will form part of the World War II PTSD Memorial, which is set to be installed during a Veterans Day event later this year.

Tomorrow morning, the motorcycle escort will gather at the Road Ranger Truck Stop on Marcus Street in Champaign at around 8 AM. From there, the riders will embark on a journey to transport the impressive 500-pound statues to their final destination in Kankakee. The parcel of land for the memorial has been generously donated by Mrs. Dee Webber and Alan N. Webber.

Veterans and patriots who have a passion for riding and a deep respect for the sacrifices made by servicemembers are encouraged to attend and participate in this meaningful event. Once the statues arrive in Kankakee, a reception will be held to honor the riders for their invaluable support.

The Ray Olley Memorial Project aims to commemorate the profound impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on World War II veterans. Ray Olley, a US Navy veteran, experienced the effects of PTSD firsthand after losing many friends during the war, as well as his beloved dog, who served as his ship’s mascot. The memorial will feature a magnificent 6-foot-tall brass statue of Ray Olley alongside his faithful companion, Elinore.

By organizing this motorcycle escort, the Ray Olley Project hopes to bring attention to the memorial and raise awareness about the importance of honoring and supporting veterans who have experienced PTSD. It is a unique opportunity for the community to come together and show their appreciation for the sacrifices made by these brave individuals.

The delivery of the statues marks a significant step in the realization of the World War II PTSD Memorial in Kankakee. The Ray Olley Project envisions this memorial as a lasting tribute that will serve as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by veterans and contribute to the prevention of PTSD-related suicides. Furthermore, it aims to advocate against animal cruelty, particularly in relation to service dogs.

For those interested in participating in this meaningful convoy and supporting the Ray Olley Memorial Project, please join the motorcycle escort at the Road Ranger Truck Stop on Marcus Street in Champaign tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Together, let us honor the veterans who have served our nation and ensure that their stories are never forgotten.


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