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Joyce calls for action to pass a responsible energy package

MORRIS – State Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) remains a strong advocate for creating a responsible energy package that will protect jobs and secure Illinois’ clean energy future.

“Closing our nuclear plants is something our communities cannot afford or survive—the cost of doing nothing at this crucial time is simply too great,” Joyce said. “With so much at stake, it’s vital that we act now to protect workers who will lose their livelihoods if we don’t take action soon.”

In 2020, Exelon announced it planned to close two Illinois nuclear power plants because of a drop in revenue and energy costs. Immediately after the announcement, state lawmakers began work on an energy bill they hope will keep the plant open, but discussions are still ongoing.

Joyce, who represents the district that includes Dresden Generating Station in Grundy County, expressed his concern for the thousands of union workers who are about to lose their jobs. A closure would also impact area teachers and first responders, whose salaries are paid with property taxes dependent on the local energy sector, and put additional economic stress on the community at large hurting surrounding small businesses and other employers. 

“I am committed to fighting for a responsible energy plan for the people of our state, and I will continue to do all that I can to protect the jobs of working people and the environment at the same time,” Joyce said.

Legislative negotiations continue between labor representatives, environmental advocates, and other industry and community stakeholders toward a plan that protects jobs and prioritizes renewable, reliable and affordable energy production across the state.

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