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Largest LED Santa in United States 45 minutes south of Chicago

NEW LENOX – The largest lit Santa in the United States is once again bringing smiles in the New Lenox area.

The annual tradition began in 2016 for ‘Christmas in the Commons’ was completed this week, involving multiple crews and a crane to complete. Thankfully, high winds aren’t expected to stop Santa from spreading smiles across the village this winter. The New Lenox Santa weighs in at a resounding six-and-a-half ton, standing 36 feet tall! 

At night, over 18,500 LED lights bring the illuminated decoration to light, making him the largest lit LED Santa in the United States. The village used marketing funds and other private donations to pay for the $300,000 centerpiece that complements other decorations and the annual ice-skating rink. The display was created in 2016 by Artistic Holiday Designs based in Lemont.

The New Lenox Santa can be viewed now at New Lenox Commons at 1 Veterans Parkway in the village.

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