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In 48 hours, Iroquois County meets COVID-19 totals from last 17 days

In the last two weeks, Iroquois County had just five new cases of COVID-19.

That was until Tuesday, when in the span of 48 hours, five additional new cases were announced by Health Department officials. Of the new cases announced, four are women in their 90s, along with a man in his 30s.

Prior to Monday, the County was averaging less than a fraction of a case per day in June.

To date, there have been 142 infections now in the County.

Since the pandemic began, 112 people have been released from isolation in Iroquois County, with only 25 either isolated in quarantine or hospitalized.  Of those, four are currently hospitalized.

Over the weekend, the Illinois Department of Public Health released new numbers on long-term care facilities across Illinois.  Those infections among residents at Ascension Presence Merkle Knipprath and Prairieview Lutheran Homes remained unchanged with 44 infections at Ascension and 3 at Prairieview.

Those numbers will be updated this weekend by State officials.

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