Cold Case No More: Joliet Man’s Fate Revealed in Startling Bone Discovery


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JOLIET, IL – A missing person case that has remained unsolved for a decade has taken a promising twist. Marcus Wright, a 24-year-old who vanished on March 20, 2013, has resurfaced in the form of human bones discovered in a wooded area east of McKay Street. Joliet Police, who had tirelessly pursued leads over the years, recently received a breakthrough thanks to new investigative techniques.

Deputy Chief Matlock and his team developed fresh leads earlier this year, leading them to conduct extensive searches in the vicinity, including a wooded area belonging to the Will County Forest Preserve. On March 24, 2023, the search efforts bore fruit when two human bones were found in the area.

Following protocol, the bones were promptly transferred to the custody of the Will County Coroner’s office. Expert forensic anthropologist Cris Hughes, a professor at the University of Illinois, examined the remains and determined that they likely belonged to a tall male individual, consistent with Marcus Wright’s height of 6’2″.

One of the bones, along with a DNA swab from Marcus Wright’s mother, was sent to Othram Inc., a leading DNA analysis company based in The Woodlands, Texas. Over the past two years, Othram Inc. has partnered with the Will County Coroner’s office on multiple occasions, successfully resolving four cold cases. The company specializes in assisting law enforcement with missing and unidentified persons investigations.

In an astonishing development, on June 30, 2023, Othram Inc. representatives notified the Will County Coroner’s office that there was a 100% KinSNP relationship match between the bone and Marcus Wright’s mother. This revelation provides a crucial breakthrough in the long-standing mystery surrounding his disappearance.

The Joliet Police Department, in conjunction with the Will County Coroner’s office, will continue to investigate the circumstances of Marcus Wright’s disappearance and the recovery of his remains. This latest discovery offers renewed hope for answers and closure for his grieving family, who have waited patiently for any news about their missing son.

The Joliet community remains on high alert, as local residents grapple with the realization that a case thought to be dormant for years has suddenly sprung back to life. With renewed efforts and advancements in forensic technology, the search for truth continues, shedding light on a story that has captivated the city since 2013.

As the investigation unfolds, Joliet residents are urged to come forward with any information that might help the authorities solve this mysterious case. The Joliet Police Department has vowed to leave no stone unturned until justice is served and Marcus Wright’s story reaches its rightful conclusion.


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