Mystery x Lore: The Acoustic Marvel of Illinois’ Fountain Bluff Chair


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GORHAM, Ill. — Tucked away in the historic landscapes of Gorham lies a unique auditory wonder nestled within Fountain Bluff. This towering relic of Pennsylvania sandstone, which has long captivated visitors with its ancient petroglyphs, conceals a lesser-known enigma: the Whetstone Shelter’s ‘chair’.

This seemingly simple stone seat is surrounded by a myriad of intricate carvings, but its true allure lies in its uncanny acoustic properties. From this chair, the faintest whispers of nature—a distant bird’s song, the gentle rustling of leaves, the subtle lapping of the Mississippi’s waters—are magnified and crystal clear. Local tales suggest that this auditory marvel was once believed to channel the voice of the Great Spirit, offering a direct line to the divine.

While the nearby Painted Rock and its carvings have been linked to celestial ceremonies and shamanic rituals, the Whetstone Shelter and its chair pose their own set of questions. Why was this specific spot chosen for such an acoustic marvel? Could it have served as a sacred place of communication, meditation, or even healing?

The shelter’s strategic alignment, which illuminates brilliantly during the winter solstice, further deepens the mystery. Was this acoustic chair used in tandem with celestial events? Or was it a spiritual nexus in its own right?

Though Fountain Bluff boasts many wonders, from petroglyphs to possible solar observatories, the acoustic chair stands as a unique testament to ancient ingenuity and reverence for the natural world. Those intrepid enough to journey to this mystical site will find themselves enveloped in an ambiance of awe and wonder, where ancient whispers seem to beckon from every corner.


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