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Naperville Park District to sue state, reopen various activities

The Naperville Park District announced it plans to take legal action in an effort to reopen within its own timeframe at a board meeting on Thursday.  The Board voted Thursday in favor of “seeking authority through emergency court action.”

As a result of the vote, the Park District announced Friday they will begin reinstalling equipment for use on a variety of basketball courts, volleyball courts, and disc golf courses throughout the district.  That includes several facilities and programs that will reopen June 1st, including paddleboats, skate parks, sports courts, and parking lots.

The District also wants to reopen for summer programs on June 1st and have annual city events, like the 95th Street Farmers Market, open June 4th. Under Phase 3, gatherings of 10 people or fewer are allowed with limited child care and summer programs able to reopen with guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

According to Naperville’s website, the city has had 505 cases of COVID-19 to date with 122 actives as of writing.  DuPage County as a whole has had 6,458 cases to date with just over 2,000 actives as of writing.

Illinois’ Governor has already made several adjustments to the Phase 3 reopenings, including outdoor dining at restaurants and bars. Those public health orders continue to receive pushback from anti-science activism groups, small business owners, Church-goers, and GOP members.

Illinois remains in a stay-at-home order through the end of the month.

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