Starbucks Star Signs: A Zodiac-Based Drink Order Guide


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CHICAGO, Ill. – If you’re a coffee lover and a believer in astrology, Starbucks has something special for you. 

The coffee giant has partnered with Sanctuary, an astrology app, to launch Starbucks Star Signs, a website that provides customized drink recommendations based on your zodiac sign.

To use the website, users have to answer a few simple questions about their astrological sign and whether they prefer a morning or afternoon drink. Once the information is submitted, the website generates a recommendation for the user’s destined drink. Additionally, each sign gets its own power words, spring color, and flower, providing a more personalized experience.

For instance, an Aries morning drinker might enjoy a caramel macchiato, while a Scorpio afternoon drinker might prefer a cinnamon caramel cream nitro cold brew. A Virgo afternoon drinker might find a Passion Tango tea lemonade to be their perfect match.

The Starbucks Star Signs website is an interactive experience that allows customers to get in touch with their spiritual side while enjoying their favorite beverage. At the end of the reading, users are offered the option to order their recommended drink directly from the website.

Moreover, Sanctuary is offering a free reading to anyone who uploads their Starbucks Star Signs profile. Customers can share their profiles on social media, creating an opportunity for Starbucks to reach a broader audience and generate more buzz around the promotion.

With this collaboration, Starbucks is tapping into the trend of personalized experiences, providing customers with a unique way to connect with the brand. Additionally, the partnership with Sanctuary creates an opportunity for the coffee giant to expand its customer base beyond traditional coffee drinkers.

Starbucks Star Signs is a fun, engaging way for customers to explore their horoscopes while sipping on their favorite Starbucks drink. As astrology continues to gain popularity, the promotion is likely to generate significant interest and drive traffic to Starbucks stores.


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