Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Survives Nighttime Shooting, Suspect ‘Turned into Swiss Cheese’


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Lehigh Acres, FL – A deputy’s life hung in the balance during a heart-pounding officer-involved shooting overnight. The law enforcement officer narrowly escaped harm, thanks to a ballistic vest that shielded them from a potentially deadly blow. Sheriff Carmine Marceno minced no words, making it abundantly clear that his team’s response would be uncompromising.

According to officials the suspect, 28-year-old Thomas Michael Carney, wasn’t as fortunate. Deputies confronted Carney, and the encounter turned fatal as they opened fire, leaving him dead at the scene.

Sheriff Marceno’s words echoed with a steely resolve: “I want to be crystal clear. If you present deadly force to one of my family members, we are going to put as many holes in you as possible, turn you into Swiss cheese, and the cause of death is lead poisoning.”

As investigators and deputies swarm Harlow Ave S in Lehigh Acres, the investigation’s intensity only serves to underscore the commitment of law enforcement to unravel the truth.


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