Joliet’s Musical Canvas: Ready to Rock 2023 Fuses Music and Art in Illinois


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JOLIET, IL – Joliet’s Downtown has become a living art gallery with the dazzling “READY TO ROCK” Street Art Exhibit. 

Created by a collaboration between the Joliet City Center Partnership, Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the City of Joliet, this artistic extravaganza aims to showcase the city’s vibrant culture, draw visitors to the area, and ignite community pride.

Spread across Downtown Joliet, 12 magnificent 6-foot guitars, each adorned with a unique design, have transformed the city into a captivating artistic playground. Professional local and regional artists have poured their heart and soul into these stunning creations, making them an integral part of Joliet’s cultural heritage.

Let’s take a look at some of the breathtaking guitars and the talented artists behind them:

Sarah Comoda
Guitar Name: “Rockin the Paradise” Guitar Location: Joliet Junior College City Center Plaza

Roho Garcia Guitar Name: “Joliet’s Sound of Art” Guitar Location: Jitters Coffee Shop

Robert Kelly Guitar Name: “Greatest of All Time” Guitar Location: Mousa Tapas Bar

Rene Rodriguez Guitar Name: “Chente Y mi Gente” Guitar Location: Supermercado Joliet

Matt Jesiolowski Guitar Name: “Going to the Show” Guitar Location: Van Buren Street Plaza

Margie Keniley Guitar Name: “GOATILL” Guitar Location: Old National Bank

Kelly Bartels Guitar Name: “Dream Weaver” Guitar Location: Duly Health & Care Field

Karen Fike Guitar Name: “Rocking Love and Hope in Joliet” Guitar Location: Joliet Area Historical Museum

Benedick Family Guitar Name: “Bridges of Joliet” Guitar Location: Will County Courthouse Plaza

Donna Franks-Tapley Guitar Name: “Sol Power” Guitar Location: Joliet Public Library

Angelica Cristal Guitar Name: “Opening One’s Eyes to the Advancement of One’s Future” Guitar Location: Rialto Square Theatre

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Now it’s time for you, the residents and visitors of Joliet, to have your say. Cast your vote here for your favorite guitar. Voting ends September 1st.

The artist behind the guitar with the most votes will receive special recognition during the “READY TO ROCK” Guitar Auction Fundraiser on October 4, 2023, at the Rialto Square Theatre.

So, explore the vibrant streets of Downtown Joliet, experience the creativity, and make your voice heard by voting for the guitar that resonates with you the most. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the art that makes Joliet a truly inspiring place!


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