Snapchat “Drama” Warning Issued by Police Department before School Year Begins


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MOKENA, IL – As students prepare to head back to school, the Mokena Police Department is sounding the alarm about potential drama stemming from Snapchat. 

While Snapchat’s allure lies in its quick photo and video-sharing features, authorities are cautioning parents and teenagers alike about the risks that can accompany its use.

Geared toward users aged 13 to 17, Snapchat has put in place measures like mutual connections before communication is permitted. To help parents gain insight into their teens’ Snapchat activities, the app offers a set of in-app parental tools known as Family Center. These tools allow parents to monitor communication and view public content accessed by their teenagers.

In the interest of teen safety, Snapchat facilitates reporting of concerning accounts to their Trust and Safety team. The platform also advocates for maintaining a Friends List comprising real-life friends and family members, and underscores the importance of privacy settings for controlling shared content.

The Mokena Police Department emphasizes the need for parents to educate their teenagers on responsible app usage, particularly when it comes to sharing personal or sensitive content. Even though Snapchat notifies users of screenshots, it’s important to note that images can still be captured without consent.

For comprehensive information and resources, parents are encouraged to explore the following links:

Highlighting the urgency of the matter, the department reveals that Snapchat-related incidents have been identified as a leading cause of school-related drama among children. Instances of inappropriate image sharing, texting, and bullying have been traced back to the platform. Parents are strongly advised to initiate open dialogues with their children, consider implementing parental controls, and make informed decisions about their children’s app usage.

As the school year approaches, the Mokena Police Department underscores the significance of active parental involvement, fostering a thorough understanding of Snapchat’s implications, and promoting responsible online behavior to ensure a safe and secure digital environment for students.


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