Pickleball Perfection in Naperville, Illinois: Sure Shot’s Grand Launch this Sunday


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NAPERVILLE, IL. – The western suburbs are about to be treated to a premier pickleball experience. 

Sure Shot Pickleball, the grand indoor facility spanning over 27,000 sq. ft., is set to open its doors this Sunday, September 17th, in Naperville at 7 a.m.

Strategically located at 2244 Corporate Lane, Suite 100, this new hub aims to serve the rapidly expanding pickleball community with 11 professional-grade indoor courts. Beyond providing the optimal space for play, the facility boasts a range of amenities from a lounge area with high-definition screens to a stocked pro shop, and even a space dedicated for private events.

Tim Kelly, co-owner of Sure Shot Pickleball, couldn’t contain his excitement. “Our goal is to create a vibrant and inclusive community of pickleball enthusiasts while offering a top-notch facility that meets the needs of players at every level,” he remarked. The venue promises an advanced lighting system, climate-controlled interiors, and professional coaching, making it a haven for players.

The pickleball craze, having seen an 85.7% spike in participation last year, finds a worthy home in Sure Shot Pickleball. For more details, or to snag a limited-time “Founding Membership”, visit www.SureShotPickleball.com.


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