Stranger Things Take Over Illinois Home Again: Joliet Police Ensure Safe Halloween Haunt


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Plainfield, Illinois – The Appel Family’s home in Plainfield has been transformed into an eerie “Stranger Things” spectacle that’s causing quite a stir in the neighborhood. With Halloween fast approaching, the HorrorProps residence is back with its spine-tingling display inspired by the hit Netflix series.

Last year, this hair-raising attraction garnered over 14 million TikTok views, making it a must-visit spot during the spooky season. However, to ensure the safety of both visitors and locals, Joliet Police have stepped in to maintain order, particularly preventing excessive traffic in the cul-de-sac.

While the address may read Plainfield, the property falls under Joliet’s jurisdiction. Fortunately, the neighbors are all in favor of the Appel family’s ghostly endeavor and appreciate the added presence of the JPD to manage the crowd.

Nestled within the Wesmere Oaks subdivision on the 1800 block of Whispering Oaks Court, this year’s display features the character Max Mayfield, suspended eerily in the air. It’s a captivating scene straight from “Stranger Things.” The Appel family has generously opened their spooktacular creation to the public, welcoming visitors from Friday to Sunday between 4 pm and 9 pm.

So how does Max float?

In September, the Appel family offered a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of Max’s gravity-defying illusion. In 2022, Max weighed a mere 3.5 pounds in the viral display, but for 2023, they’ve managed to reduce her weight to a mere 2 pounds. The process involves crafting her body frame from pool noodles, heated and expertly glued together to mimic her form.

To ensure stability, cross-section PVC pipes are used, along with a strategically placed hole for fishing line to maintain Max’s eerie levitation. A foam head and additional wires provide an extra layer of protection to keep the display intact for visitors to marvel at.

This Halloween, Plainfield’s HorrorProps has outdone themselves, and with the support of the Joliet Police, the spookiness is as thrilling as ever. Whether you’re a fan of “Stranger Things” or just seeking some hair-raising Halloween fun, be sure to pay a visit to this hauntingly creative display.


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