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Congressman Kinzinger makes plea for residents to mask up prior to Phase 3 in Illinois

The post was removed from the Congressman's Facebook page minutes after posting

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) issued a statement tonight on Facebook prior to the start of Phase 3 beginning across the State.

The statement was attached to a campaign donation sheet for fundraising efforts. The post was deleted minutes after posting.

In the post, Congressman Kinzinger said:

“I’ll be frank — I don’t like wearing a mask. And I don’t like being told I have to wear a mask, either.

But I wear a mask because it’s the simplest way to help protect folks with vulnerable immune systems and frontline workers who face hundreds of strangers every day. It’s the right thing to do until we have a vaccine or effective treatment.

But our willingness to wear masks as we shop for groceries, get a haircut, or conduct other business should ALSO be our ticket to getting back to work to support our families, open up the economy, and start returning to some form of normalcy. That bargain means the Governor MUST trust us enough to relax the restrictions that are strangling Illinois AND We The People must remain vigilant in our efforts to protect ourselves and others.”

No word on why the Congressman removed the posting.

The post went on to ask for donations for campaign funds to receive a mask shown below. Attached is the screenshot of the original posting.

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