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2nd Cannabis Growing Site given green light in Kankakee

A second adult-use cannabis facility has been given the green light by the City of Kankakee during Monday night’s City Counsel meeting.

This time, a 27,000 square foot building dedicated to adult-use cannabis growing will conditionally operate just 1500 feet away from another approved location dedicated to indoor marijuana growing just outside the City of Kankakee in the East Gate Industrial Parkway, expected to be operational within the year.

This time, the business wants to operate at the north end of the park, occupying a 80-acre lot. The facility was recommended for approved by the Planning Board back in April. 

A new building will be built for the new business.

It’s possibly both facilities could receive approval by the State in the coming months.

The new cannabis business will still face several hurdles , including getting approval for operation by the State of Illinois and an Adult-Use Cannabis License from the City of Kankakee along with the State.  The business will be enclosed with a fence and evaluated for noise concerns by the City.

A site plan will also need to be approved by the City of Kankakee. 

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